The Wandering Warrior begins!

How does one begin?  I am no novice to the ‘net, but this will be my first real attempt at blogging.  It is my hope with this blog to document the more important, interesting or downright bizarre places we visit and the other things that just happen in our lives that may be of some use to fellow travelers, military folks and to keep our friends and family updated. 

I am, right this minute, sitting at the table of some dear friends in Colorado Springs, CO after a 10 hour drive up from Kansas City, KS.  We have had quite a trip thus far on this PCS (Permanant Change of Station).  We drove from Grafenwoehr, Germany on 1 July and flew from Frankfurt to DC on 2 July.  We hung out for a few days and then drove to see my family in Rainbow City, AL.  After a couple days we drove to Franklin, NC for 3 days.  Then we drove to Birmingham, AL to see more family and friends.  We left there to spend 2 days in Nashville, TN.  We left there and visited friends at Ft. Knox, KY.  He left for his first trip to Iraq as a Nurse Practitioner today.  We drove from there to KC last night and now we are here! 

We leave soon to head to more family in Boise, ID and then friends near Sacramento, CA before finally reporting into Monterey, CA where I will attempt to learn Dari over the next year.  We have already had many wonderful adventures which I will back up and detail for those interested.  I will also attempt to document those items of interest that we come across, particularly those wonderful, out of the way places we always seem to find which aren’t in the usual guide books!

As for my love of fine things, tonight I have enjoyed immensly a bottle of 1557 by the New Belgium brewery and am now trying their Skinny Dip.  Both are superb!  I also have a shot of Aberlour 12yr old single malt which paired VERY well.  The Aberlour is truly excellent, dark and smoky though not at the far end of the spectrum.  A good intro to the darker whiskys.  New Belgium may become my favorite micro-brewery!



About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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One Response to The Wandering Warrior begins!

  1. Bryan says:

    It was good to have you here, Michael. You and your family are great.

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