Parks, Blackberries, Winemaking, and Whisky

Yesterday was a truly superb day.

To start, my good friend took me out to the park where he often goes in the morning to reflect on the Divine with the aid of a good cigar. It is a very open, wooded, shady and quiet park where we enjoyed an hour or so of excellent conversation about our lives, our hearts, our fears and our passions accompanied by our pipes. He had an aromatic burly with a hint of vanilla and I had Peterson’s Sherlock Holmes which is labeled as a blend of burley and Virginia roasts but was completely blond, so not sure where the burley was. It was flavorful and smoky enough though, so a good time was had by all. I cant believe the coolness of the weather here, the only thing that makes it warm is the intensity of the sun.

You cant buy comraderie of this sort for any price. To have a man you respect AND with whom you can trust the inner details of your heart is priceless.

We got back and after some breakfast we took the kids to a nearby park. They got out a lot of energy but the more interesting thing to me and them were the loads of ripe blackberries between the bike path and the canal. We ate a few but then headed home for lunch.

After lunch we drove over to a church friend’s house to swim in their pool. Californian’s really do pools right. Ive never swum in a more beautifully appointed yard. They are 3 years into making their own wine from the grapes of their tiny 1/10th of an acre vineyard. Their hospitality was truly incredible. I wish I could go back, their white German shepherd was bitten by a rattlesnake a couple of days ago and they still havent found the snake. A rattlesnake roundup would be fun!

He is a CPA full time and we had a good discussion about he sad state of the economy, where he sees it headed from a financial perspective and the undercurrent of rage among average Americans he senses. He informed me of a new set of international accounting rules that will soon take affect which will alter the way the economy is valued as much as when they switched to Mark-to-Market. We have driven now from DC to CA and I can vouch for the rage. There is a seething undercurrent in EVERY group of people I talk to that they simply want the government to leave them the hell alone and a frustration that their desire for less government intrusion into their lives is being completely ignored.

We came home tired and sunburned. While my friends did up hamburgers and hotdogs I took the two kids who wanted to go and we picked about 2 quarts of ripe, delicious blackberries. The enthusiasm they had and, more importantly, the conversations they had talking about how much they wanted to bring berries back to bless the others with, warmed my soul all the way down. My kids are the absolute BEST!

After dinner we pulled out my bottle of Scotch Whisky and sampled it around then made Smores for the kids. Kelly and I smoked some Onyx cigars and talked until about 1030. The rest had long since gone to sleep. A truly memorable day!

Today we will head to church with our friends, then pack and drive down to Monterey. Ill sign in off leave, saving me a day and I can begin the long, arduous process of signing in tomorrow. Yippee!


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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