American Renaissance of Liberty

One of the common, recurring themes during our recent travels was a huge, under swelling rage felt in discussions with average citizens across the spectrum of demographics. From folks who are center-Left to way Right there is a palpable sense that we are not heard, our wishes are ignored and our true concerns are dismissed.
A very good friend slipped me a paper copy of the article “America’s Ruling Class” by Angela M. Codevilla from the American Spectator Jul-Aug 2010 issue (…). It got me thinking about the root causes of the anger and frustration and the growing trend I have seen across the new media and in “real” life conversations for folks to cast about for a remedy to these societal ills. The result of those ruminations is this post and a call for a new American Renaissance of Liberty.
The key to instituting a Renaissance, besides enough economic prosperity to allow for leisure, is education. Not what passes for education in America today but true, Classical education. Freedom and Liberty are guaranteed by an educated electorate. Serfdom is the condition of those who know no better or are unable to secure Freedom and Liberty for themselves. To combat Serfdom we must not look to politicians to rectify the social ills that beset our society. Instead, we must combat ignorance with education, prejudice with experience and apathy with positive action.
So, my mission, for the time being, will be to bring as much light to those organizations and individuals who are working to illuminate our darkness of cultural and practical knowledge. As an example, I pay attention to several online boards where gardeners gather. They have recently been sharing stories about family, friends and neighbors and their experience sharing fresh food with them. One had a neighbor refuse to eat her blackberries because she had seen a bird sitting on the blackberry bush. Another had a family member ask if it was ok to eat the eggs her chickens laid. Another stated she was sure that food from the supermarket was better for her since it came in a package! This kind of practical ignorance about the realities of life must be fought against if we are to preserve our heritage and push back against ever encroaching governmental regulation regarding the fundamentals of life such as access to local food, water and property use rights and a host of other individual and property rights.
Likewise, a Renaissance in Classical education is necessary. Institutions such as, the Mises Institute and Hillsdale College deserve our active support in combating the assault on common sense and the original intent interpretation of the Constitution. We must find a peaceful way to end Judicial activism and the encroaching Federal, State and local bureaucracies.
Lastly, this is not a message strictly for those Right of center politically. You can be a dope smoking Rastafarian or an Ivy League suit, so long as we agree on a few basic truths we can share in this endeavor. The Constitution, and its original intent, are the law of the land and should be upheld regardless of the hard truths that sometimes forces us to face. The elastic use of items in the Constitution such as inter-State commerce and due process must be reversed. Judicial activism must be undone. The Federal and State bureaucracies must be trimmed and budgets reduced to the minimum necessary to fulfill Constitutionally mandated tasks. The end state is to return America to a Republican form of government led by elected officials who do not belong to a ruling class. Not to institute another in the long list of forgotten dogmas and orthodoxies. For the rest we can agree to debate the various issues in a civil, public debate. And those who cannot win the argument in public cannot be allowed to run over the rights of the Citizenry in the courts or through bureaucratic fiat.
This support to those institutions and individuals who are doing yeoman’s work in educating and demonstrating these truths is the first pillar of the American Renaissance of Liberty. In my next post I will discuss individual and corporate Resiliency, the second pillar of ARL!


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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