Resiliancy and Liberty

Unlike many of those on the far Left, I will begin this post by defining a few terms, in the hope of clarity. This is in opposition to the usual Leftist tactic of using familiar terms but mutating their meaning. Thus our Rights go from those things inherent to us by our Creator to those things we are allowed to do by the blessing of the State.
The most important terms to me are Freedom and Liberty. We throw those terms around a lot. But do we really reflect on them? What does it mean to be a Free Man? What does it mean to have Liberty? Because of my religious beliefs, I believe I can be a Free Man even in a jail cell. Deny me all my rights, even those of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and I am still Free. My Free state is derived from the actions of Jesus of Nazareth. For others, Freedom may be found in oneness with the universe or the Tao or the Great Pumpkin. I say to you “go and be well”.
Liberty is a little more narrow. Liberty is the ability to exercise our God-given rights. Liberty can be taken away by the jack-booted thug, the totalitarian regime, the warlord or the little blue haired lady down the street who casts the deciding vote on your home-owners board, saying that all cars must be parked inside a garage by sundown. Liberty, like a tree, must be tended to bear fruit. Jefferson said it must be, from time to time, watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I would say it also must grow in the soil of knowledge and wisdom. Without exposure to the thoughts of those who have come before us in the disciplines of history, religion, philosophy and the arts and without a right understanding, as we know it, of the facts of how the world works from science and math we allow a group of unruly students loose with pruning shears in our orchard. They can, in a matter of moments, undo the work of decades.
Which brings us to the topic of resiliency. A resilient people can safeguard their Freedom and Liberty from the depredations of a foolish generation through the institutions they instill. Our founder did exactly that. But we are going on much more than a single foolish generation these days and now what began in, perhaps, innocent foolishness has progressed to a deliberate and methodical dismantling of the old institutions in pursuit of a shiny new promise of world brotherhood and equality.
Those of us who see the wisdom of our forefathers and who wish to preserve their legacy for our posterity must now implement measures to insure the resiliency of those ideas. Many very smart people are already working towards this end, each in their own way. I urge all of you, my friends and family, to explore these ideas for yourself and begin the process, mentally and physically, of weaning yourself off the tit of the system and embrace wholeheartedly those things which are truest to your own hearts. It is there that Freedom and the preservation of Liberty lie.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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