Along this life path I have traveled I have discovered what appear to be a few truths. One is that Truth is a definitive, but elusive, thing. You can find Truth. Like panning out that rare nugget of gold from a mountain stream, they are few and far between but the finding of them gives us hope and spurs us back into the stream.
My great desire to see an American Renaissance of Liberty stems from this hope and desire to find Truth and see others find it likewise. Here, for your pleasure, are a few of the nuggets I have found which have led me to this point.
1. Love hurts, but it’s worth it. Love anyone or anything, a woman, a child, a dog, and they will hurt and disappoint you. This is an inevitable fact of life. The alternative is to isolate yourself…but that leads to its own pain. So, since pain is our lot in life, embrace love, for only there will you find joy to balance the pain.
2. No one is exactly where you are on their walk in life. Some, who appear fools, simply haven’t lived long enough or hard enough to be where you are. Some, who appear simple, have moved past you and have found peace amidst the dichotomy of life. Take each as they come and appreciate the beauty of the relationship you have with them for what it is. Learn and teach in turn. But, dear God, spare me the fool who sits in his own certainty.
3. Evil exists. How and why something got twisted from Good to Evil is useful to know if it allows you to undo the damage. But, at some point, we all must live with the choices we have made and Evil, regardless of how unfair the circumstances that spawned it, must be opposed and defeated. It cannot be mollified or negotiated with or contained. It must be destroyed with fire and the sword. Any man who cannot judge a thing Good or Evil and act accordingly is a Coward and lives out his own choice.
4. Beauty is essential to life. Fortunately, it is all around us. In the light glinting off the wing of a fly or the laugh of a child or the scent of baking bread. Very few things are worth trading for this awareness of beauty. Not position or power, money or things. Usually, we seek those things to give us the perceived leisure to pursue beauty…never realizing it is there for the having all around us each day for free.
5. God is good. An important Truth to remember as we pass through the Valley of the Shadow. This life is hard, full of pain. But it is MORE true that God loves us and that all things come together for good. While this life is incomplete, and thus painful and dull and lost, it is also full of the promises of God for what is and what is to come. Live in His goodness today, don’t wait on it.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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