Skete, part I

I must say I don’t know if I could begin to delve into this topic if God hadn’t shown me it was to be more about walking through this process with Him than about arriving at some destination.
For years Ive wanted to be part of a community. My heart has warred within me over whether to stay with my career of seek to enter a rural, communally driven life. So far, I’ve been told to keep doing what Im doing, so I am. But a time is nearing where I will no longer be who I am now. And when that time comes, I believe a deeper community even than that between me and my brothers in arms will come to be. Lets walk along the path and see what that might look like.
There are a number of sources informing my thoughts. The primary one is the Northumbria Community ( ). I have had the great honor of breaking bread at Hetton Hall with members of this community and have seen it in action. It is truly a holy experience and a very earthy one! I draw a great deal of inspiration from them, and have yet to better in my own mind their Rule: Be Available and Be Vulnerable.
A lot of the theoretical framework for my ideas and where they fit in the larger world, especially in an economic and political sense, comes from the ideas of Intentional Community ( , ) and Resilient Community ( , ).
Holistically and locally, there are a couple of other movements that enlighten my dreams. Permaculture ( ), Slow Money ( ), and the Locavore movement ( ).
If you’re interested enough to still be reading, the above links will give you hours of further study and enjoyment. I have a general outline of the major questions I have, in the coming days I will seek to delve into them further.
1. Charism
2. First Principals
3. Community Rule
4. Membership
5. Money/finance/income streams
I want to take them in this order, because I think you should answer these questions in order, before moving on to the next because of the impact the one has on the other. You need to know your mission first, then your priority of work, then your how, then who, then and only then, money.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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