Tsunami lessons learned

Well, this certainly turned into a learning day. First, let me express my sincere prayers for those lost in the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The losses are truly horrific.

For my part, I had just gotten out of the shower and we started getting phone calls and texts from family back East who were already up (5:00 our time, love yall!). I went down and fired up the computer to figure out what was going on. The NOAA site was useless and national news services were too general to be useful. The local news turned out to have the best, most specific news regarding evacuations, beach closures and specific expected wave heights. Next time Ill go straight to local news for local events or even local impact of national events.

I had to leave for school. A mid-semester test in Dari today. I was concerned initally about not being able to get back home in the event of a forced evacuation of the area. Here are some of the lessons Ive learned about our preps and how I plan to remedy failure.

1. I am making maps taking us out of the area to 3 different locations by 3 different routes with 3 different link up points along each route. Copies of these will go in each car and Bug out Bag. In the event of a regional disaster we would probably not be able to reach each other by phone, so having a set location to link up is critical.
2. We dont have enough water. I probably have enough for basic drinking/cooking needs for a week or so. After that, my ability to purify water/collect rain water and dew is limited. I am going to add 2 gallons of plain bleach to our preps this weekend, along with buying the Berkey home filter system. Im also putting a gallon in my truck box.
3. I havent used my chainsaw in a couple years. I dont even know if I have bar oil. It gets PMCS’d this weekend. Debris will be a major issue in the event of an earthquake and that is a powerful tool I will need.
4. I am filling our gas cans and using them to rotate each week through the truck. If I need to bug out, they will give me an additional 300 mile range.
5. I am packing the kids BOB’s this weekend and putting them away. If we had to pack cloths and blankets for them in an emergency, it would double our out the door time.
6. All our important papers and pics are backed up on hard drives, but they are not organized. They all go in a gallon ziplock today.
7. I am making a “15 minute packout drill checklist”. In 15 minutes we should be able to grab everything we could possibly need, put it in my truck and be out the drive. We will drill this soon, with each kid knowing their responsabilities.
8. I need to add cloths and boots to my truck BOB, if I have to walk home I dont want to look like a soldier.

More as I think of it….


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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