Sleepless thoughts on Culloden, Fort Sumter, Daily Kos, etc

It is midnight and I am awake, unable to sleep with these thoughts rolling around in my head, so I am writing them down, perhaps I’ll be able to sleep…

Two important dates coincide very closely, which I was not aware of until tonight. 16 Apr 2011 is the 265th anniversary of the battle of Culloden and 12 Apr 2011 was the 150th anniversary of the firing on Fort Sumter. These dates and events share so many connections…

I often read the comments on current events articles at either the Huffington Post or the DailyKos, mostly for laughs at the ignorance of my “Progressive” co-Nationalists. I had heard that the Wisconsin Supreme Court race had gone over to the incumbent and hit the DailyKos page right before bed to see what they had to say on that and Palin’s recent speech in Wisconsin. Much to my surprise, what I found was a history lesson, and a pretty good one, though not perhaps in the way the author intended.

The author takes you through a pretty good history recitation of the Battle of Culloden and its subsequent ramifications for the Highlanders socially and economically. He describes the Diaspora, of which my family was a part, moving as we did from Caithness to Dublin and then to Savannah, Georgia in 1680. We rapidly moved up to the Rappahannock area and, by the 1850 census, had acquired large lands and upwards of 40 slaves.
The author moves into the modern period, showing that Scotland is now, politically, a solid block for the Labor party in Parliament, much as the Old South was once a solid block for the Democrat Party. Here, thought, the author, I believe, loses his own argument to himself. He shows how in recent years the Scottish Nationalists have come to power in Scotland, much like the recent rise of the American Tea Party. The author compares them to the Welsh Plaid Cymru but without the violent or xenophobic bent. He seems to be making the case that the oppression of the various, non-English, parts of Great Britain were carried out, not by the English but by an oligarchy composed of the lordly class of each of the various areas.

But, if you read/listen to the anthems of the Scottish Nationalists, you come away with a different, far more Tea Party/Libertarian bent to the group than the impression that they are ready to embrace National Socialism.

“No Gods (and Precious Few Heroes)”
I was listening to the news the other day
I heard a fat politician who had the nerve to say
He was proud to be Scottish, by the way
With the glories of our past to remember
“Here’s tae us, wha’s like us”, listen to the cry
No surrender to the truth and here’s the reason why
The power and the glory’s just another bloody lie
They use to keep us all in line
For there’s no gods and there’s precious few heroes
But there’s plenty on the dole in the land o the leal
And it’s time now to sweep the future clear
Of the lies of a past that we know was never real
Farewell to the heather in the glen
They cleared us off once and they’d do it all again
For they still prefer sheep to thinking men
Ah, but men who think like sheep are even better
There’s nothing much to choose between the old laird and the new
They still don’t give a damn for the likes of me and you
Just mind you pay your rent to the factor when it’s due
And mind your bloody manners when you pay!
And tell me will we never hear the end
Of puir bluidy Charlie at Culloden yet again?
Though he ran like a rabbit down the glen
Leavin better folk than him to be butchered
Or are you sittin in your Council house, dreamin o your clan?
Waiting for the Jacobites to come and free the land?
Try going down the broo with your claymore in your hand
And count all the Princes in the queue!
So don’t talk to me of Scotland the Brave
For if we don’t fight soon there’ll be nothing left to save
Or would you rather stand and watch them dig your grave
While you wait for the Tartan Messiah?
He’ll lead us to the Promised Land with laughter in his eye
We’ll all live on the oil and the whisky by and by
Free heavy beer! Pie suppers in the sky! –
Will we never have the sense to learn?

It is, perhaps, fitting that a “Progressive” would embrace a group like Plaid Cymru or the IRA; after all they share a desire for National Socialism, leading to World Socialism. Their annoying non-pacifist views notwithstanding.

By contrast, it struck me that there is some truth to the author’s supposition that the evils that befell the non-English parts of Great Britain were the work of an Oligarchy and that those same evils were the end result of the success of the Oligarchy in America in winning the War of Northern Aggression. One sure good came of the South’s loss. The end of the institution of chattel slavery. Otherwise, for the American Constitution and the way of life envisioned by the Jeffersonian branch of our Founders, it was an unmitigated disaster. From it has sprung the Federal hydra with its multiple layers of bureaucracy, taxation, nanny state socialism, political correctness and assault on exceptionalism. Madison’s oligarchy won at Appomattox Court House, not the American people…so many of whom, like my family, had fled and then successfully fought those same powers less than a hundred years earlier.

As the descendant of Scotsmen and Irishmen, as a son of the Old South and as an American, I find that these two days in April must bring me some of the greatest grief in my life. For they herald our current low estate. We have traded away so much that was good, life affirming and righteous for the temporary security of the State that I fear I may go to the halls of my forefathers shrouded in shame if I do not, as they did at Culloden and Fort Sumter and in a thousand other places stand HERE and NOW against the further encroachment of tyranny. Let’s plant our flag and do what must be done this November to ensure the light of Liberty continues to shine from these shores.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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2 Responses to Sleepless thoughts on Culloden, Fort Sumter, Daily Kos, etc

  1. Ben Stone says:

    Well said my friend.
    I wish every American with a drop of Scotch-Irish blood still warm in his veins could grasp what you’ve said here.

  2. GREG TUCKER says:

    Cool stuff Michael, encouraged by your perspectives!

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