random mutterings…

Have I mentioned how much I hate English grammar? I am taking the first week of my new French class and, to make sure we and the teachers are speaking the same “language” we are getting a week refresher on grammar. Somebody shoot me now…please.

On a less light note…I become increasingly worried for my nation. The killing of bin Laden is a good, but symbolic, thing. He had little oversight of most of Al Queda and his removal will fan the flames of radicalism without a commiserate crippling of their ability. Hopefully, the intel gained on site will be reward enough for the risk.

What worries me more is the increasing polarization I see among the people. I almost don’t have to bother reading either Fox or the Huffington Post. I can tell you right now how any given article on any given topic will read, and even more disheartening, how the comments section will go. It seems that no one is willing to listen and be persuaded by reason anymore. There is a mass flocking to stereotypes, an almost religious adherence to brand loyalty, be it Republican or Democrat that has effectively ended reasoned debate on any topic.

There is no benefit of the doubt to be given anymore. As a student of history, I can think of no more parallel time in American history than the years 1859-1860. Then, as now, there are reasonable solutions to the problems that plague us. Then, as now, no one seems able to put the brakes on the train of State. It has become a war of words over absolutes, with no ground for honest disagreement. Far enough down this road and it will no longer be a war of words only, for if people genuinely believe the contest is without the ability to morally and honorably compromise, it becomes a contest that can only be settled by blood. Once that process starts, a LOT of blood must be spilt before both sides are bled to the point of willing compromise…or one side is obliterated.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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One Response to random mutterings…

  1. aleph says:

    Is there any forum for reasoned debate in the US?

    I know that it is not easy to find in most places but surely it does exist?

    Grammar – 6 cases in Latin (or was it 5) French and German with gendered words – my my. I remember at school we had one lesson a year in english grammar, but many more in the other languages. Not much used by me today, but a good foundation in the language.

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