I won’t be a slave…

What is it that causes us to fear ourselves so? Why do we fear our own greatness? Why do we fear to walk upright in the sun as free men?

There are, of course, societal norms. To proclaim oneself better than another is called pride in today’s hyper-correct society, perhaps even sociopathic. To acknowledge openly one’s ability and true potential is not humble enough for our societal masters, and so we are shamed, from a young age, when we should just be learning to crow.

The Church bears some burden here. Those who pound into our heads each Sunday what dirty, rotten, stinking sinners we are also quickly point out that it is because of Who and What we are that God Himself had to DIE!

And, even if we acknowledge His sacrifice and believe in Him, we are doomed to a life of perpetual failure where our works and our very selves are no more than dirty rags. The solution? Why, we will surround you with “accountability partners” so you can be scared straight…or learn how to lie better.

I reject this logic. The Creator of the universe sat down and hand crafted me. And He hand crafted you. He made us to be glorious and to be most excellent in whatever way it is He made us to be reflections of Him. We are not all equal. I will never be the composer Mozart was, for that is not my glory. But, in my own way, He made me to excel with equal brilliance.

This is not how Free Men of the King’s Companions ought to live. This is not what life should be like for the adopted sons and daughters of the King! We are called to be a glorious Brotherhood of War and Love! THAT is the true definition of Church! We were designed for a greatness and a glory only a little less than the angels. We are the inheritors and the guardians of this creation and we have fallen asleep and given it over to the Destroyer. We must re-claim our birthright, stand up and be counted, and, if necessary, choose the hill on which we are willing to die. For what is the purpose of glory and strength and honor, if not to pour themselves out in a worthy calling?

Many things keep us from ever achieving that brilliance. We live in a fallen world, where sin and death reign. So much has been stolen. Regardless of our circumstances, and they vary wildly, the seeds of our greatness lie there, within us. And, they are the seeds of the native plant that was supposed to be us. Yes, other seeds, foreign seeds, lie there as well. Darker seeds, foreign seeds, and, if we allow them, they also will bear fruit in our lives. They will choke out the native flower and spread to others through our actions like the weeds they are.

They are the seeds of slavery.

I will be a slave no longer. I was made to be glorious, that is the truest thing about me. Those things which are not most excellent, I reject. I will live in slavery NO MORE!

Recent political and economic events have weighed heavily on my mind. I have felt conflicted at my continued service to a State I increasingly see as passively corrupt, politically correct, beurocratically blind, intrusive and rigged. How can I be coming to these revelations about Liberty, the Zero Aggression Principal and individual and property rights and still serve to advance a State I see as in opposition to those ideals.

I have found comfort where I first found true freedom, Scripture. I am reminded that Jesus did not call for the Centurion to leave his post in order to be found faithful. Likewise, the early Church was called neither to purify the secular world, nor to totally separate themselves from it. Their call was to live in the world without taking on its nature. To do as Jesus did, heal, loose, feed, cloth, comfort. And so, increasingly, I see myself as having a vital role where I am. To be the contrarian voice of reason and justice and compassion. To, when and where I can, bring light into the darkness. And so, even though I wish it, I fear I cannot yet pull my own John Galt.

But, I will also not be afraid of my own glory. I will learn to be the very best me I can stretch and grow and struggle to become. And I will trust the Creator to put me to good use.

Because He called me Chain Breaker….


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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6 Responses to I won’t be a slave…

  1. Lana Vaughan says:

    Set the captives free…

  2. Deborah Kerr says:

    “To be the contrarian voice of reason and justice and compassion. To, when and where I can, bring light into the darkness!” Amen brother!

    Enjoyed your thoughts….
    Deborah Kerr

  3. Brother, really…wow. That was awesome. This is a chapter for a book, no doubt about it. This should be on the minds, hearts, and walls of every man alive. I’m..wow. I’m speechless. Well done, my Centurion friend.

  4. Michael, let nothing and I mean nothing deter you for moving forward with your heart and mind is in this…great stuff! Greg

  5. John Dedman says:

    I enjoyed my first class on Wild at Heart with you there in FOB Caldwell. I am now in Kuwait holding a class of my own supported by my men’s ministry back home. I enjoyed reading this as I continue to break my own chains, or rather, Christ breaks them through me but only if I am true to the desires in my heart that he placed there. Hope to meet again someday.

  6. cptcaveman says:

    Thanks John. It means a lot to me to hear from you. “Farther up, Farther in!”

    Take care and stay in touch.

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