The education bubble

I have been reading a lot about the education bubble lately. This is important to me with 4 kids I hope to see be successful in life however they choose to live it. While I readily accept going to a 4 year liberal arts college may not be in their best interest, I am also still a believer in the overall value of a liberal arts education.

In the vein of “there is nothing new under the sun”, I found this article by John Robb from 2009 on open source education very interesting.

Origional article

A critical part of the shift towards resilient communities will be a radical reduction in core economic costs for individuals/families/communities through improvements in productivity and STEMI compression (less space, time, energy, mass, and information required for any unit of activity/production). The objective of this is cost reduction, over the longer term, will result in a radical improvement of the participants to produce wealth (thriving in a vicious and potentially stagnant or depression soaked global economy, and not simply surviving). This process wont just apply to economic activity, but to core activities like education. Let’s dive into this.


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