New Monasticism

I have long had a soft spot in my heart for the Northumbria Community. One of its members and I connected on the old Ransomed Heart forum and, when I got back from Iraq this last time, we took a holiday to Scotland. We had the great good fortune to be able to drive down from Edinburgh to the old Northumbria Nether Springs house before they moved to their new digs and to drive over to Holy Island for a few hours. I can tell you, these people have some incredible real life experience at living in community.

So, I was surprised this morning to see they have a Youtube channel I didnt know about! The link below is two of the founders simply talking about how they came together and how the Daily Office and Community Rule developed. There are some truly precious nuggets in this conversation for those interested in the development of community.



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4 Responses to New Monasticism

  1. aleph says:

    I did not know that there was one either. (He looks it up)

    I have had a look at the site and this is material presented by or “new monasticism”.

    The community’s site is

    The main guy here is John Skinner (asking the questions) and he left the community a number of years ago and went his own way. Looking at the material on the history of the Community what John says will be from his recollection since he was part of the Community at that time.

    It is sad when people fall out, as has happened in this case, but we are all human.

  2. cptcaveman says:

    Indeed, but tis the nature of things I suppose. Like with most things in life, or so I have discovered, take what is useful and let the rest flow away.

    I pray you are well, my friend.

  3. aleph says:

    A taste of ‘Nether Springs’ – in Florida USA!

    florida January 29 -February 4, 2012

    Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center, Oviedo, Florida USA.

    Our desire is to lean into the Celtic monastic rhythm in much the same way that it orders the shape of the day at our mother house at Nether Springs in Northumberland, UK.

    Come for a day, or for the whole week. We will offer teachings in the morning, community events in the evenings, and optional creative workshops (and, quite possibly, a trip to the beach) in the afternoon. For further details and registration information please email:

    copied from the Community’s website – fyi

  4. cptcaveman says:

    Dang, wish I could be there! Ill pass this to Pat, he is in Tampa…

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