My plans…

This post will detail where my thinking is right now in regards to building our future community. The details will not likely be of interest to many of you, but hopefully the methodology I use to approach problem solving with be of use. My situation is, naturally, unique to me as are my goals and interests. But, one thing I have found consistant through many different endeavors in life is that the more you plan, the more contingencies you examine, the better able you will be able to handle the real situation as it develops. So, even though my thoughts on this may change radically over the next year, and almost certainly will over the next 6-8 until I retire, I find this both edifying, entertaining and profitable.

Initially, I think it will be wise to place the land we hope to turn into our homeplace into a trust. This will preserve the integrity of the land for future generations and put a layer between us and others in refrence to liability and lawsuits. The Kay Family Trust will have a board, made up of my family and my descendants, whose purpose will be to provide a place for recreation and family gathering for us in perpetuity, making it impossible to break up the property into smaller pieces and requiring its continued development along Permaculture lines.

The first entity I plan to create after that and our homeplace is established is Centurian’s Faith Ministry. This will be a non-profit, leasing space from the Trust for a storage building and offices. These will fit in with the larger design of the homeplace. CFM will be designed to provide outfitter and guide services for groups, educational opportunities and spiritual development and counseling with a Christ centered focus on developing community. It will include things like guided adventure and team building events, events designed to facilitate initiation and bonding, speaking, entertainment, education in the manly and womanly arts, Urban to Rural opportunities, etc. This would incorportate ideas I have written of previously as Manhood University and Centurian Outfitters.

The second entity that fascinates me might incorporate as a business or as a not-for-profit, Im not sure yet. It also might be the primary lease holder and sub-lease space to CFM. This, for now, is called Veritas Farms. This would be the entity primarily responsible for the Permaculture design of the homestead, would offer services as Permaculture designers, would be a showcase farm for Heritage Breeds and Plants, would be a living history/experimental archeology site and a homeplace for craftsmen who want to open either guest or resident shops. It would be a working farm, in the sense that produce would be created and sold, probably under its own labeling, and thus an industrial, inspected kitchen would have to be maintained. This would, though, enable a co-op approach to production where a community available inspected kitchen could serve as the production facility for a wide variety of homegrown produce and meat/dairy products that could then be sold through various venues. If you are familiar with the unique design aspects of things like Hackerspaces, VF would serve as a sort of agricultural spinoff of that idea, with a focus on preserving both animal and plant genetic diversity.

There is, obviously, a lot going on here and I am struggling to put it all into a concise and coherent format that can be presented as a unified idea. It may well take me the next 6-8 years to get all this to gel sufficiently to begin funding and sourcing it. In the meantime, please pray for clarity, and for those whom God would have be a part of this. I wont be seeking anyone out, but feel it wiser to let Him bring to this project those He wants involved. Also, if you have any experience with the legal/financial niceties and what I have written sounds off to you, please drop me a note, I am not an expert and those things will have no small hand in the final shaping of what is most advantageous, at least at the micro level.


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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One Response to My plans…

  1. Lana Vaughan says:

    Keep working on it. It’s a great vision.

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