The Rose of Sharon has thorns….

This post may not make much sense, but there is something bugging me and I need to get it off my chest. Adult language alert…

I remain confused by people who are surprised when parts of life suck. We live in a FALLEN world…hello, McFly! It is SUPPOSED to suck from time to time! Lost your job and mad at God? How about trading places with John the Baptist, Jesus’ friggin COUSIN! He lost his HEAD! Lack of Prosperity in your Gospel? Come talk to me after you’ve been shipwrecked 3 times.

A dear friend died unexpectedly this year from the effects of prostate cancer, another damn fine man is in and out of hospice for the same thing and one of the men I love most in this world is just starting his battle with it. It’s not fair. All 3 are the kind of men I hope to be when I grow up. Heartfelt grief, anger, passion, loss. All these are valid emotions, but NEVER have I thought to blame God for the facts of life in a fallen world.

Every single person I know is suffering, hurting, wounded. And, for the most part, there ain’t a damn thing I can do for them except offer up my real prayers and a sympathetic ear. These people are messy, they are sloppy, teary, snotty and pretty much a pain in the ass. They are my brothers and sisters and I love them dearly and I will continue to pour myself into their lives, not so much because I have all that much to offer but because they deserve everything I have to give.

So, if you are a Lily White Christian, if you are comfortable warming a pew and being entertained for an hour or two a week by other LWC’s…kiss my ass. When you are ready to quit being shocked that people are bleeding on your doorstep and are ready to join those of us who, despite a foul word or two, are trying to live our lives as best we can as willing solutions to these problems, you can be part of His Church with me. The walking wounded are littering the battlefield, for how long will you ignore the stench and the wailing and simply wade in when and how you can? How long will you wait? How many must die because of your indifference or fear?



About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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3 Responses to The Rose of Sharon has thorns….

  1. Matt says:

    Sign me up. Never surrender. Never give up. Ok so I’m a little discouraged with the last two groups of clueless men I’ve tried, but I’ll keep looking. There has to be more real men like you.

  2. John Dedman says:

    Amen Brother. This aspect of the Church concerns me as well. In fact, when I read about the Pharisees I often draw parallels with our legalistic brethren.

  3. Amen! so very true!!!

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