A look at first things…

I feel compelled to document why I feel the need to be a Prepper. It is the beginning of a New Year and an excellent time to re-visit first principals, including the root causes that drive the engine of our lives.

It springs from my boyhood love of the outdoors. Growing up, between Scouts and my own adventures, I spent at least 3 nights a month under the stars, usually much more and almost all of every day not spent in school was spent in the local woods and rivers. This led me to become something of a resident expert on wilderness survival, at least in my mind and the minds of my peers. Over the years, I learned how much there was I did not know. So, for me, the initial push was simply a love of learning, centered mostly around primitive skills, history and historical re-enactment, and the necessary skills to camp comfortable in multiple environments.

Eventually, my concern grew out from myself. Not only was it necessary for me to be able to survive, my sense of responsibility for others led me to want to be able to provide for the survival of the members of my group, whoever that happened to be. So, I began to prepare myself and to teach others the skills I had gained. That has further matured from a desire to aid and teach about the wilderness to aid others and teach and be prepared for individual, local, regional and national disasters in general.

My mature reasons spring from my faith. No, I am not Mormon, but they have a point in this instance. The Scriptures are clear about our requirement to 1. Be Christ to others and 2. be good stewards. This is a holy obligation for all believers, and a great source of my frustration with the modern churches.

Permaculture has helped me define, in concrete terms, some of these beliefs. The Prime Directive is: The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children. And the 3 Ethics are: * Care of the earth * Care of people * Return of surplus.

I begin to grow very frustrated with the people who call themselves Christians but who show so little fruit, so little thought even as to what that fruit might be. It will not fare well with us if our greatest contribution to the Kingdom is regular church attendance! How many churches sit, with well manicured lawns, amidst a people where there exists real hunger, and a real need for mentorship, community and instruction in things like an honest day’s work and the benefits of delayed gratification and the reward of eating what you have grown? How do we continue to justify spending tithe money to maintain grass, when that space could be used for a community outreach garden? And that is but one example.

So, that is where I come from and a little bit about where I am going. Stay tuned to see how this ride goes!


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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