I had a most interesting trip the last 2 days. We left Kabul and flew to Herat on a Spanish C-130. Herat is lower in altitude and hotter than here. It is a joint Spanish/Italian concern and we missed lunch on the way due to being in the air. This was compounded because the Italian DFAC was closed for inventory! So, with naught but an espresso in my belly we held our meetings and went to the Spanish restaurant for dinner. Due to every Italian on post being there, we ordered at 7 and ate at 9! My EU friends enjoyed Cruscampo Beer and a very fine bottle of Spanish red wine (2006 Tinto Pesquera from Ribera Del Duero) which they said was cheap here at 30Euro. We ate well and smoked cigars, then off to bed! We killed this morning shopping and sleeping in, had a bad breakfast in the Italian DFAC, really bad (I thought to water down my espresso with regular coffee to make a full travel mug’s worth, unfortunately, I added tea, not coffee!), so we had second breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee Americano with espresso from the Italian restaurant. We sat in the shade, smoked another cigar then found out our lunchtime flight was delayed an hour, so we had pizza for lunch. We flew back, via Qen Qal E Naw to Kabul on an Italian C-130 with drivers who practice Grand Prix for fun. Overall, not a bad trip. I like being in the cooler weather of Kabul but the restaurants and areas for sitting and relaxing are first rate in Herat. The DFAC and lodging pretty well sucked, but you would be hard pressed to know there is a war on there and everyone was friendly. I am getting good at Bon Journo! and Buenas Dias!



About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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