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Legitimate use of Force

*note: It looks like my computer is going to take a crap and I cannot access the blog from my work computer. If I go silent for a few days, I am working on getting a new computer so I … Continue reading

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Not a lot to add to the SCOTUS decision yesterday. To say I am disappointed would be an understantement of British proportions. There has been time for some pretty good analysis, below are some of the better ones I read … Continue reading

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Tree Bogs and shit management

Let’s talk about shit. Literally. Where does it go, why do we give it away and what use is it? I was listening to a recent podcast by Paul Wheaton, Episode 175, and I was reminded of all the plans … Continue reading

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Battling Bare

I’m not much of a joiner, but occasionally I run across a group doing something I think is so important or for which I have such an affinity I cannot help but do what I can to promote them. These … Continue reading

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Merriam-Webster defines Piety as: : the quality or state of being pious: as a : fidelity to natural obligations (as to parents) b : dutifulness in religion Why is it so hard to maintain? I have noticed a trend over … Continue reading

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My Writing Style

Good writing, to me, is descriptive. The key, of course, is to put your reader in the middle of what you are describing without being verbose. To describe the scent, sounds, colors, vibrance of a scene without recounting for your … Continue reading

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My Playlist

Music is huge for me. It is the outward expression of my inner feelings, though I can barely play the radio I know good music when I hear it. So, I am creating a playlist for when I get back … Continue reading

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