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Job update

Had a pretty uneventful tour of 3 tourist spots here in the Stan. Got down to Baghram, Kandahar and Camp Leatherneck, inspecting our training sites. I am changing jobs, moving from Lessons Learned across the aisle to Training. When a … Continue reading

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I have been working on trying to maximize the use of my fiscal resources. You see, we want to buy a largish chunk of land next summer and I want to have as much capitol into that as possible. But, … Continue reading

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Gut instinct vs. thoughtful consideration

This is a theme that keeps coming up for me. I read the amusing anecdote below and, initially, I heartily agreed. It tickled my fancy, I found myself able to identify with it and it validated my own perceptions. And … Continue reading

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Advice for my Kids

People are funny creatures. We all have certain ways that we behave naturally, it is just the way we are born. Some of those ways are good and some are not. Some of the most important ways that we behave … Continue reading

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Personal Directives

As I begin to look into my personal plan for turning a piece of property into a haven, I think it important to set out some prime directives of my own. Core tenets that express the guiding principles around which … Continue reading

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Beginning a Permaculture plan

So, I was surfing through some Permaculture sites today and ran across THIS one. What I really like is they have posted several of the projects that they have completed, in full. As a planner myself, albeit in a different … Continue reading

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To my mind, there are several different categories of pleasure. This is important to differentiate for me. Much of my recent writing has revolved around heavy subjects and it is important for one’s health to take time out periodically to … Continue reading

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