I have been working on trying to maximize the use of my fiscal resources. You see, we want to buy a largish chunk of land next summer and I want to have as much capitol into that as possible. But, I also want to purchase other items that will increase our resiliency in the mean time. So, taking only the issue of firearms, I have developed a logical way to assess the best value to fit my needs. I believe with some tweaking this could be used to help you identify the best purchase for any type of item. I also give fair warning, if you choose to use it you will have to put some thought into making it your own. Much of the criteria is specific to me, my level of training with certain items vs. others in a like class and other personal factors. Buy, I think it to be a good starting point for anyone and I hope y’all find it useful.

Task: Develop a logical and quantifiable methodology to focus limited fiscal resources against perceived firearms needs.
Conditions: Given that; current gun laws remain unchanged for the next 24 months, current income remains constant, I do not obtain an FFL or CL 3 license, there is no major national or regional level catastrophe.
Standards: Methodology should take into account; value, current firearms, current training, realistic needs
T1: Define needs
T2: Evaluate current firearms in relation to defined needs
T3: Develop quantifiable criteria for evaluating prospective firearms
T4: Apply criteria to commonly available firearms and select those which best fill perceived needs for least cost
T5: Prioritize purchases

T1: Needs:
Home defense: High capacity, limited penetration, short, capable of mounting a light, lightweight
Concealed Carry (winter): Rapid access, accurate 0-30m, quick reload
Concealed Carry (summer): Same as winter, but concealable in shorts and un-tucked t-shirt

Civil Unrest/Breakdown:
CQB: Short barrel, high rate of fire, quick change magazine fed, NATO or ComBloc caliber, CQB sight w/BackUp Iron sights, 2MOA at 300m, capable of mounting a light

Designated Marksman: High rate of fire, quick change magazine fed, NATO or COMBloc caliber, 1x-4x sight, 3MOA at 500m, Bipod

Scout: Bolt action magazine fed, .30 cal or greater, NATO or ComBloc caliber, 2 MOA at 500m/40” circle at 1000m, Variable power scope (4x-10x), bipod, synthetic stock, free-floated barrel

Small game: squirrel to turkey with minimal meat damage

Large game: boar/whitetail appropriate

Sub-caliber training: Capable of utilizing .22 ammo in larger caliber rifle/pistol




About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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