This Is Sparta!

Does it seem that there is more vitriol in the air these days? I know it is the silly season, but I have noted for several years now that the level of anger, frustration and pissedoffedness in our nation and around the world is growing rapidly. What is the root cause of all this anger?

Increasingly, we are moving from an adversarial position, to a combative position. There is an increasing cycle of violence and hatred and we are sitting at the lip, ready to spill over into it. How did we get here? I believe, by abandoning our core principals, at least a large-ish segment of the population has, leaving behind a hard-core group dedicated to core principles that is large enough they cannot be ignored and dedicated enough they cannot be forced into compliance.

I am part of that core. I have no problem anymore declaring others either my ally or my enemy. Enemies are different than rivals. As long as both rivals can continue to live as they see fit, they may compete, but they don’t need to completely grind their rival into the dust. Enemies, on the other hand, must be defeated or at least forced to capitulate. How do I define my enemies?

Simple, are you willing to be my rival? If so, we can get along. Do you need to dominate? You must be vanquished. Who are some of these groups that seek to dominate? Many are my fellow Christians, those who I grew up with and love. If you support dry counties or Blue Laws you seek to tread where Christ did not. What was Christ’s response to the rich, young ruler? He offered him a chance. When the ruler walked away from it, did He chase him down and force him to follow? Of course not. He treated him as an adult, capable of making his own decision and capable of living with the consequences of his own choices. While saddened, He did not force. The same goes for the Salafists and Wahabists who would force Sharia down our throats. You don’t see the Amish taking up AK’s to force us to all abandon our cars do you? If you want to live in your own little enclave and live like its 1212 instead of 2012, that is your business. But when you cross the line and want to force others to adopt your beliefs or forcibly prevent others from leaving, you become my enemy. Perhaps the greatest force for this in America are the “Progressives”. The Nanny Bloomberg-itis that cripples voluntary association, volunteerism and charity and replaces it with State run programs, taxation and regulation.

Those of us who believe in Liberty are slow to respond to the stupidity of others. After all, being stupid is a right, so long as your stupidity doesn’t hit my nose. But now, after all these years of incramentalism, we are waking up to the fact that we are getting mauled and ass-raped by our fellow Americans in the name of “fairness” or “niceness”. And we are, collectively, ready to give a big Fuck You to those who believe they know what is best for us and we should just be grateful and sit in the corner and color.

There is a third group in this, and they, too, qualify as enemies. These are those in the middle, content to subsist on government cheese, to be lulled by bread and circuses. They deserve neither pity nor charity. I will bend over backwards to help anyone who is making even a token effort to help themselves out of a situation, no matter how they got there. But if you won’t help yourself, why should I? And why should I be told I am a lesser breed of man for not giving to each according to his need?

We are well beyond the point where we can continue to accommodate the nosy class in our society. They must be totally defeated. What are the weapons for this defeat? The primary weapon is education. The second is community. By taking those on the fence into our community, teaching them responsibility and giving them honorable work and a sense of self-worth we can defeat the nanny-state do-gooders. That is why I am such a passionate supporter of groups like The Appleseed Project and ideas like Resiliency. It is imperative we do so. Like storm clouds, if we do not bleed off the hate-energy in our politics they will amass sufficient power to cause untold damage. The result of such a storm will not be to any of our liking or benefit.

Who have you converted today?


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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