Strategic Permaculture and other things

On the advice of a good friend, I re-listened to “Calling” by Gary Barkalow today. It was a very good decision. I highly recommend it and Gary’s website

It got me thinking . Based on my on pre-dispositions and proclivities and training I tend to put spiritual things into military terms. In this case, I got to thinking about how a man orders his life. If, like me, you base it on your faith, what does that mean in practical terms for how you define your personal goals and the methodology you use to achieve them? So, being the Powerpoint Warrior that I am, I created this rough draft of a diagram to explain how I came to the decision to plan out the paths I believe I will shortly be treading.

To understand it more clearly you need to know some definitions:
Strategy/Strategic: Overarching policy goals. The WHY we do things
Operational: The methods we use to achieve our strategic goals
Tactics: The techniques, procedures and process we use to support the operational objectives.

Or, to put it another way, nation-states have a strategy, hopefully deeply tied to their overarching national policy. Wars are fought at the operational level, to support those political/strategic goals. Tactics are how the guy on the ground takes that hill to keep moving the ball down the field in support of the operational objectives. These are more a band of continuum rather than clearly delineated boxes. A fairly recent phenomenon, for example, is what we call the Strategic Corporal. Corporals have no business meddling in Operational or Strategic art, but with their current ability to create political problems that directly affect the strategic course of a war, i.e. publishing stupid photos, they can impact at the international/strategic level.

So, with that said, here is the chart I came up with for my life. Note that, for you, the tactical and operational levels will look very different. If done right, strategic goals direct, but don’t define, operational and tactical level decisions. So, How you approach the Why will be unique to your talents, passions and callings, but, if you share my Why, we are on the same path, despite what may appear to be wildly divergent spans of effort.

Strategic Faith


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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One Response to Strategic Permaculture and other things

  1. Pathfinder says:

    Soooo, Gary’s website is all about “Calling” so how about a link to the specific item you were listening to?

    Also, my Marine graduated from DLI on 7 Feb, and has been re-assigned for yet more training at an AFB in TX. He’s a LCpl now too, so moving along.

    Welcome home, Major.

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