walkSome good stuff going on. We added a mixed flock of 20 chickens. 4 Banty, 2 grey’s I cant ID, something red with fluffy feet, 3 large barred somethings and the rest Aracuna. They were hard to wrangle into the coop at night the first couple of nights, but we started taking away their feed during the day, to encourage pasture feeding and putting it into the coop about an hour before dark and I only had to move 1 last night who decided to roost on top of the coop rather than in it. I caught a flock of blackbirds harassing them yesterday and it had caused several of the chickens to fly up into the trees above the coop. Overall, Im really proud of where we are with the chickens right now, and the kids are learning loads!

We had a pasture guy from the local Extension office out. Overall he was very impressed with our mix of clover and Brom grasses. The hay is way past prime, due to our just getting on the ground, so I am looking for someone to come cut and square bale it for me. Im seriously considering investing in the equipment to do it myself and maybe try to pick up the smaller acreages I see around here still uncut, but that is probably an idea for next year.

We identified several of the weeds I have been wondering about. I have serous pigweed, which is good in that it is a nitrogen fixer, but bad in that nothing but goats will eat it. I have lots of bindweed, some horsenettle, tons of Lambsquarter, some milkweed and Bull Thistle and a fair bit of dock. But, overall, the pasture is very healthy.

More to follow!


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An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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