New Chicken Tractor

So, I go by the recycle drop off fairly regular now, I have been collecting cardboard boxes since they come broken down and I can use them in our garden to transition from traditional to raised bed system.
bed 2

A few days ago in the metal bin I found this metal twin bed and thought immediately “Chicken Tractor!”. The bed is very solid and heavy and about 18” from the ground to the top of the center head and foot boards and, importantly, the head and foot boards are level.

ch tractor 1

ch tractor 2

The chicken wire is recycle from when we rebuilt the coop in the pasture. The boards are from the Home Depot bad wood bin and the top board is from a pile left by the previous owner out behind the tractor barn. The bottom is 2×4 with 1×2 cross pieces screwed down. That held the bed pretty tight and created a firm foundation.
I then tied the bed down to the cross rail with a hitch knot.

ch tractor 3

ch tractor 4

ch tractor 5

I stapled the wire around the bottom, piecing it together from a couple of large pieces and zip tying the edges together.
At some point I may cut a door into it, but for now I have two 550 cord handles on each end and can simply chuck a couple of chickens up under it. I will be adding a plastic cover over 1/3 at some point before I use it, to provide shade and I may build a portable nesting box for keeping laying hens in there.
Just because she is cute!



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An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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