Work Weekend

This past weekend we hosted a work day here on Centurion’s Faith Farm. A number of our friends from the Fort Leavenworth Chapel community and Kaw Permaculture came out to help us get the place ready for winter. I owe each of you who came out a great debt. Not only did you help us get some projects done we simply haven’t been able to get done or physically couldn’t get done by ourselves but you validated our whole purpose for doing this great experiment by exhibiting the very heart of community. I can’t stress enough how blessed we are in the community we live in and among. Nothing we do here will mean much of anything if it does not grow family and community.

My special thanks to the Batchelor, Curry and Hanson families and Pete Maynard of Cedar Sky Farm ( for all their hard work.

Among the projects we tackled were breaking down a loafing shed in the pond pasture and relocating it to the horse pasture. We now have the corner posts cemented in and will be putting the framing and roof back on this week. This is a major project I could never have done myself which is essential for the health of our horse this winter. The barn and tack room got cleaned (thanks for braving all the spiders ladies!) the kids put plastic around the chicken tractor for use as a cold frame and we built one bin of an eventual 3 bin composting system.

I love this work. I love my family and this farm. I am VERY grateful to each and every one of you who helped out, not just because it aided our family, but because of the investment you made in the future of the community we are trying to develop here. I am excited at where this is all going and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Loafing Shed

Chicken Tractor Mulch



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An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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