The 1st Amendment makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!


So, Phil Robertson said some things the homosexual community doesn’t like but which accurately, even tenderly and forgivingly, reflect mainstream thought within the Christian community. Is anyone surprised by this? If you are unfamiliar with the controversy, Phil gave an interview to GQ and in it he named homosexuality, along with bestiality, promiscuity and a host of other things, as sins. He then went on to admit his own sinfulness and encourage GQ’s readers that, just has he found hope and redemption for himself in the faith of Christ, so could they.

And, for this terrible thought crime he has been censored. I’m 100% certain, in today’s litigious society, that A&E is within their contractual rights to censor Phil for pretty much any reason they want. That is standard contractual boilerplate. But the real reason they chose to do so was to appease what they see as their primary customer base. What I believe they will find is the only reason folks who watch the Robertson’s watch anything on A&E is because OF the Robertsons.

Whichever side of the homosexual “issue” you personally fall on, we should all take a moment to regard with utter loathing a group of people willing to vilify a man simply for publicly stating his personal beliefs. I am surrounded daily by ideas which I do not agree with, and which cast my hillbilly self in any number of disparaging lights. Yet you will never see me calling for the suppression or public disavowal of any one or group for publicly expressing those ideas. You see, I don’t give them the permission to make me butt-hurt. I have my ideas, others have theirs, and as long as they don’t want to take away my right to express myself, I have no right to deny them theirs. But, increasingly, the homosexual community and their progressive ilk seek not to beat me in the arena of ideas, but to use governmental authority illegitimately to stifle the very debate they seem unable to win on its merits. Rather than win persuasively, they seek to win a summary judgment that forces the majority of society to meekly accept their ideas.

I don’t have a beef with homosexuals, and I don’t believe Phil Robertson does either. At least, no more than with any other form of sin, and I am chief of sinners. I extend grace to myself, through Christ, every day for the sins I commit. And because I am so very aware of my own failings, I find it abhorrent to castigate others in their sin. But I also seen no reason to publicly say it’s ok for someone to believe 2+2=5 just because not publicly saying so makes little Johnny butt-hurt. The stance against sin, not just homosexuality, but all sin, is a basic tenet of Christianity without which it stops being Christianity. If you don’t like it, fine. But I’m sick and tired of being told not only do you not want to believe it, but I can’t either. There are consequences to siding with the censors.


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