Dealing with cold on the homestead

It has been historically cold here in NE Kansas, 100 year cold. Our low night before last was -11F. Our animals have weathered this very well, despite not being kept in totally enclosed spaces. I have found especially with the chickens that with the deep bedding method moisture is much more dangerous than cold or draft.

But, the cold has caused us a great deal of extra work in keeping the animals supplied with drinking water. We are changing out watering cans for the chickens about 4 times a day and busting the horses water trough each time as well. Electric heaters aren’t an option right now. So, yesterday and today I built a passive solar cage to put around the horses trough. It should be getting down to 12F tonight so we will see how it works and if the horse will even drink from it. I may need to pack hay or insulation around the sides as well. I’ll post updated photos tomorrow morning when we see how it works.


Horse trough2 horse trough3 Horse trough1


About cptcaveman

An Army Major, my family and I are in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. We enjoy photography, cooking, reading and outdoor sports like hunting, fishing and trapping.
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4 Responses to Dealing with cold on the homestead

  1. We’ve been wondering how the animals have been faring in this deep freeze

  2. Kat Laurange says:

    I don’t really have a point, other than to offer you a high-five; I’m from Kansas too!

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