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Economic Justice

*Planning how to improve water access in a remote Iraqi village, Diyala Province. Economic justice. A very good, very, very smart friend used that term today and, unknowingly, spurred me to feverish mental activity. Not sure any of it will … Continue reading

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Work Weekend

This past weekend we hosted a work day here on Centurion’s Faith Farm. A number of our friends from the Fort Leavenworth Chapel community and Kaw Permaculture came out to help us get the place ready for winter. I owe … Continue reading

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Strategic Permaculture and other things

On the advice of a good friend, I re-listened to “Calling” by Gary Barkalow today. It was a very good decision. I highly recommend it and Gary’s website It got me thinking . Based on my on pre-dispositions and proclivities … Continue reading

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Tent Making

I wonder how the Apostle Paul felt about tent-making. Supposedly that was his trade, one which he used throughout his ministry to support himself and those around him. He often chides the early Church for failing to support those they … Continue reading

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This Is Sparta!

Does it seem that there is more vitriol in the air these days? I know it is the silly season, but I have noted for several years now that the level of anger, frustration and pissedoffedness in our nation and … Continue reading

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There will be a lot of my fellow bloggers writing things today to memorialize the events that happened to us all on September 11, 2001. Rather than try to draw political lessons, I will just share with you the events … Continue reading

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Gloom, Despair and Agony

GLOOM, DESPAIR AND AGONY ON ME From the TV Show “Hee-Haw” (1969 -1992) Buck Owens & Roy Clark Gloom, despair, and agony on me Deep, dark depression, excessive misery If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at … Continue reading

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