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The 1st Amendment makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!

So, Phil Robertson said some things the homosexual community doesn’t like but which accurately, even tenderly and forgivingly, reflect mainstream thought within the Christian community. Is anyone surprised by this? If you are unfamiliar with the controversy, Phil gave an … Continue reading

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Moore, OK

I got the opportunity to drive down to Moore, OK, site of the May 20 tornado, with our chapel’s college and career group. It was an amazing weekend, Th-Sun. We stayed at a local church and worked through a local … Continue reading

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Falling and Holding

Failure… Fear… Uncertainty… Disappointment… Where do these things come from? Why do they plague us so? I have a fair amount of them in my life right now, and not for the first time. Life seems to be an endless … Continue reading

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Why I oppose heterosexual marriage

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Strategic Permaculture and other things

On the advice of a good friend, I re-listened to “Calling” by Gary Barkalow today. It was a very good decision. I highly recommend it and Gary’s website It got me thinking . Based on my on pre-dispositions and proclivities … Continue reading

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The Permaculture Gospel

What do you do when the thing you have always done is not what you do anymore? For me, the Army is like an old pair of work gloves. Worn in, shells that slip effortlessly onto my hands, something that … Continue reading

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Tent Making

I wonder how the Apostle Paul felt about tent-making. Supposedly that was his trade, one which he used throughout his ministry to support himself and those around him. He often chides the early Church for failing to support those they … Continue reading

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