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What does it mean to be an American? I ran across a couple of articles this week( that got me thinking. Not what does it mean to become an American or to be born one but what does it … Continue reading

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Quick update

Sorry for so long between posts. Temps here have been in the single digits with highs in the low 20’s for almost 2 weeks. Ive spent the last 3 days planning our spring garden. If you plan to put food … Continue reading

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Work Day!

Announcing the first official event at Centurion’s Faith Farm! Work Weekend Flyer

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So, it seems my pastures need some love. The guy I had come look to see if he wanted to cut them for hay said I had too much fescue among the brome and clover and it was only fit … Continue reading

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Garden Beds

So, we have an awesome garden spot. It is about 40-60′, deeply tilled and heavily mulched with horse stable sweepings. The ground is so soft I can stick my hand in to the wrist with very little effort. Unfortunatly, when … Continue reading

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Working on the Permaculture Design submission for my course final. Need somewhere to dump pics. If you wonder what all this is, feel free to drop a note here and I will try to explain.

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More from the farm

I have some video shot of the new chicken house, just need to edit and get it up on Youtube. Lots going on, we will be receiving 20-25 mixed Bantam pullets this weekend. According to the owner I have about … Continue reading

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