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Wuv, twue Wuv!

Marriage. That most Holy of Sacraments, that partnership between two individuals that perpetuates the race, the institution about which we all joke, and for which we all long…or long to escape from. What is marriage? According to my faith, it … Continue reading

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Cousins in Kabul

Had the chance to sit in the N2 bar here in Kabul last night and burn some of the Noble Leaf. Imagine my surprise last April when I showed up and there, across the wall from me, was a cousin … Continue reading

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Vicious Virus: Chap 1: Recon

Sorry for the long absence all. I wont bore you with how busy I have been, but suffice it to say I pretty much work, eat, sleep and smoke cigars. And dang few of the last. I have been working … Continue reading

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New Links

In the absence of any inspiration whatsoever for anything remotely witty to say (I have an excuse, I watched the VP debate) I will point you to my updated links list. Sultan Knish blog, great commentary Sister Toldjah, another great … Continue reading

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Personal Rules

*sorry for being gone, for some reason wordpress blogs have been blocked for the last few days.   I was tiptoeing through the tulips of the internet and came across a very interesting blog. Among his contributions to humanity was … Continue reading

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To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth

  Among the many interesting personalities here in Kabul is our priest. He is a US Army LTC and a chaplain. He lives just down the hall from me and we speak often in passing, sharing a quick greeting, a … Continue reading

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A Good Muse is Hard to Find

Especially when you spend several hours a day word-smithing military documents. Sorry for the lack of origional content, but I simply haven’t had time. In the mean time, here is another REALLY good one! Read the whole thing… Without … Continue reading

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